My works form a series of interpretations of intimate physical, mental and emotional spaces partly hidden, partly revealed, where the revealed part acts as a gateway leading to an unknown territory, suggesting that there is more to discover, be it a precious surprise or a shocking secret, exploring them by ways of covering and exposing, burying and excavating in both literal and metaphoric senses. I attempt to generate a discourse between the tangible and the unconscious, the physical and the mental by constructing an intense, often contradictory visual and haptic experience. The gestures which expose the subject are performed in a way that they risk its injury by discomfiting the exposed fragment. I attempt to utilise aesthetics as a device that allows the viewer to stay with the discomfort of the concept remaining close and private with the work.

My lexicon of imagery is drawn from my close environment, my past and present homes. I use personal domestic objects, materials, and fabrics that connect me to memories, operating as vehicles to recall the lost details. This gives me the space to observe the meanings, logic, arrangements of, and my relationships to these objects and materials in the present in search of understanding the related past experiences, working in an experimental way balancing the outcome between ‘facilitated’ and ‘created’.

I handle the selected medium as if it has relevance only in relation to other mediums integrating this relationship in the content. The resulting traces establish a narrative with the original attempt to bring the subject to renewal by testing, rearranging and replacing it in different contexts and perspectives.