Reka Ritt: BARE HOME

An exhibition featuring a home, located on 4 floors and 3 landings, connected by a light-well.
The 4 floors contain 10 scenes:
1st floor (inception) contains the scenes 'entrance', 'mother', 'father' and 'brother'
2nd floor (retention) contains the scenes 'always no' and 'never no'
3rd floor (projection) contains the scenes 'restoration' and 'destruction'
4th floor (exhibition) contains only one scene 'protection'.
The last scene 'exit' is on an imaginary floor called 'intention'.
The structure of the space uncannily mirrors both the structure of the human body and the mind of its inhabitant.
It incorporates objects, useful and useless, precious and junk, artworks and everyday items and everything in-between in their original locations. It is a recollection of the past where nothing is new. Some locations might appear to be familiar and cosy while others seem alien and uncomfortable.
While walking from the well-known to the disturbing and back again, there is a lot of work to be done by the visitor: observe, touch, listen, smell, feel, understand.
One might be BARE one might be HOME.

1st Floor: (inception)

2nd floor (retention)

3rd floor (projection)

4th floor (exhibition)